How to make a webpage with using HTML?


Hye Friends lot of useres asking me that how can we create a webpage  and what is html language. So in this artickle i’m going to show it .

However , some people dosen’t know about html language and also about webpage. Don’t worry gys in this artickle i will try to solve your all confusions with related this topic.

  • What is webpage ?
  • How to make  a webpage ?
  • What is HTML ?
  • How to learn HTML ?
  • Uses of webpage and HTML language .

What is webpage ?

webpage is a word that is used to define the website content. I thing yo u’re not knowing  about it but you should know about it. so in this artickle  i will explain you with easy words.

If  i wanna say you about webpage in our simple way so we can easily understand  about webpage and its design. Genrelly today we’re visiting lot of websites according to our work as entertainment , marketing etc.

for example I have opened it –

After opening this site you will see a page that is we called webpage . Not just only your first page is your webpage . Other than your hompage your all pages is webpage.

How to make  a webpage ?

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